Topshop Salt and Pepper Sweater


Topshop Slouchy Sweater OOTD

This salt and pepper chunky knitted sweater is a favourite piece in my wardrobe at the moment. It has a lovely cosy, slouchy fit which is great for dressing down for work and going shopping, but could also be dressed up. 

I wore this casual outfit when me and my boyfriend went for a day out in London at the end of February. I wanted to wear something that would keep me warm, comfortable but still look casual and stylish for walking around.

Topshop Slouchy Sweater & Necklace

I absolutely love my two tone necklace by Freedom at Topshop, but unfortunately it is starting to discolour which is a real shame. I think need to do a big costume jewellery haul to freshen up my accessories for the spring/summer season.

Topshop Slouchy Sweater & All Saints Leather Jacket

Vivienne Westwood Chancery Bag

My trusty Vivienne Westwood bag has made an appearance again because of how big and specious it is for days out – perfect for carrying my camera, lenses, purse and make-up.

My All Saints leather jacket is beautiful and adds a casual rock chic vibe to any outfit. I also found it kept me quite warm when wearing with the Topshop Salt and Pepper Sweater.

Marc Jacobs Watch

Topshop Salt & Pepper Sweater OOTD

The Topshop Salt and Pepper Sweater costs £38.00, which could be seen as pricey, but for such a lovely soft stable piece, I don’t think it’s too bad. It has a roll sleeve style with a wider arm, which is great for layering shirts underneath. Sometimes i like to take extra care when wearing the jumper because i get a little scared that it might pull as it is that loosely knitted style.

I’m only wearing my jumper with my black Topshop Joni Jeans here, but you could style this in so many ways by layering over a day dress, with patterned trousers/joggers or skirt with heeled boots.

Vans Pebble Snake Skin Slip On's

Vans Pebble Snake Skin Slip On's

I love love love my new vans slip ons! If you didn’t see my post about them, pleases take a look here. I had been looking for the perfect pair for a while now and instantly fell in love with the unique snakeskin texture of these ones. Also just to note the pointy shapes coming out from my jeans are my bow tattoos, its not quite warm enough yet to get them out!

Vans Pebble Close Up

You properly never see me wearing anything else other than black frilly socks. I hadn’t been able to get my hands on any in Primark for a while, but i managed to find some last week!

I’m pretty happy with the shots of the Vans slip on’s my boyfriend took for me, they show off the detailing nicely and have a great shallow depth of field composition.

Langley Street, Covent Garden

We took the photographs on the quietest street we could find near Covent Garden. I much prefer taking photographs in a more quiet area as you do not feel so rushed and do not get people wondering what you are up to!

If outfit posts are what you enjoy reading, please let me know and i will try to include these more on my blog. Or if you particularly enjoy other topics or want to see something new, please drop me a line below! Thanks for reading and until next time…

Jodie x

  • halcyonvelvet

    Such a lovely, casual look. Jeans and a jumper is basically what I live in xo

    • Jodie

      Thanks very much! 🙂 it is so comfy wearing jeans and a jumper, but still looks stylish! xx