The Body Shop Virgin Mojito


The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

Treat yourself to a body cocktail with the new Body Shop Virgin Mojito collection that includes extracts of zesty lime and fresh mint from the Caribbean. It’s perfect for that hot summer feeling and just reminds me of sipping on a gorgeous mojito while on holiday.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito collection has a five piece line up and is a collection you need to get your hands on! I purchased the Virgin Mojito shower gel and the classic body shop body butter that is available in two sizes.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

The Virgin Mojito body butter is rich, nourishing and very zesty because of the lime and mint extract. I love the Body Shop body butters as they provide up to 24 hour hydration and can be used to make dry skin soft and velvety again, or to maintain soft skin with an added sweet scent. As i said above, the body butter comes in two sizes and i purchased the smaller size of 50ml for £5.00; i think this is a great way to try out the fragrance to see if it suits you.

 The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Shower Gel

The Virgin Mojito shower gel is a must buy! When lathered up in warm water, the aroma really comes to life and makes your skin feel refreshed and clean. I’m more of a bath person, so running a little under the tap creates lime and minty bubbles that are very comforting and make you feel relaxed.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

Another product that caught my eye in this collection was the Virgin Mojito Body Splash. It’s a brand new fragrance format that allows you to splash on the gorgeous zesty scent of lime and mint after showering of bathing to extend the freshness feeling all day.

Other products that i haven’t mentioned above in the collection are Virgin Mojito Body Scrub and Body Sorbet. I have tried out the Body Sorbet in the Fuji Green Tea range and really enjoyed the cool and light texture that instantly melts into the skin, click here to find out more.

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito collection is limited edition, so make sure you pop into your local Body Shop store very soon or you can order online.

Have you tried The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Collection?

Jodie x