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Tapas For Two







Last night me and my friend, Hannah went for dinner at the not so long opened, Desco Lounge in Shirley. I have visited the Desco Lounge on various occasions for just a drink and tried their amazing breakfasts which are served all day (i had the egg and bacon stack). So eating in the evening at The Desco was something i was excited about. As i love food so much, i always check out the menu and decide what i want before even getting to the restaurant! I’ve never had Tapas before, so i thought i will give this a go as you get to try a little bit of something different in smaller portions.

The decor is really interesting as they have so many vintage styled photographs hanging on the walls and some funky old fashioned mirrors that me and hannah loved. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the candle on the table added a lovely ambience. I also seen people enjoying a game of Jenga and Scrabble while having a drink; i think this is really cool and something i hadn’t seen before.

On the menu, the tapas selection was great and so much to choose from! In the end i went for Sweetcorn fritters with sweet chilli dip, Honey-glazed shredded five-spice pork and Spanish chorizo with lemon. The tapas dishes are served alongside ciabatta bread which i enjoyed dipping in the sauce of the shredded pork. There is so much more i wanted to try, but this will have to wait for next time! The food was served in an awesome wooden platter where each dish sat in its own individual bowl. My favourite dish out of the three was definitely the chorizo as it was a gorgeous smokey flavour.

To drink i always have the same when i go to the Desco, which is the cooling lemonade. The drink is made with fresh mint & cucumber, lemon juice, sugar syrup which is topped up with soda – so refreshing and yummy. I also love how it’s served in a cute beer jug.

Sticky toffee pudding was a perfect way to end the meal. It’s a pudding i never usually go for, but i  fancied something warm and comforting and i’m pretty glad i chose it. It was served with vanilla ice cream; i loved the contrast of the cold ice cream against the warm toffee sponge.

Overall i had such a fun evening with amazing food. I think Hannah also had fun experimenting with her new GoPro toy which is now her new best friend, haha! I’ll be returning to The Desco Lounge very soon to try out the new menu which has launched today!

Jodie x



Boston Tea Party – Birmingham








At the weekend, me and my friend Hannah went for lunch at the Boston Tea Party in Birmingham. When i first walked in, i fell in love with the rustic decor and relaxed vibe the cafe had.

While queuing to put in our order, i got way too excited about how amazing the homemade carrot cake looked (all of the cakes for that matter!) From checking out the menu before we got there, i knew i was going to be having the Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese.

Hannah also ordered the Mac & Cheese and we both got homemade lemonade to drink, which came in the cutest jar style glasses. The lemonade was lovely and refreshing; we sipped on these until our lunch arrived. The Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese was divine with its mixed cheeses and panko breadcrumbs on the top. I really wanted to try one of the amazing looking cakes, but i was so full i couldn’t manage anymore food!

BTP’s mission is to serve simple & well-prepared food & drinks made with good ingredients and I couldn’t agree more! I really enjoyed my experience at BTP and i will be definitely returning for some of that carrot cake and a latte very soon!

Jodie x