Sunday Brunch – Bacon & Pancakes


Bacon And Pancakes With Maple SyrupCooking baconPlate of bacon and pancakesPancakes And Bacon With Maple Syrup
After a busy Friday and Saturday, i thought sunday had to be a much needed chill day. Me and my boyfriend, James had a little late get up and had an idea to make a yummy brunch. We decided to make one of our all time favourites – pancakes and bacon with maple syrup. To simply make these, we used some pre-made scotch pancakes from the supermarket (i know, lazy right?), maple syrup and bacon rashers.

If you haven’t tried this breakfast/brunch dish before and you love bacon; i really do recommend you do. I love the sweet and savoury combination and my bacon has to be nice and crispy. I’ve seen bacon and pancakes served in many restaurants and cafes and is becoming a popular thing, but it can become expensive eating out all of the time and making it yourself still tastes amazing! Maybe next time we should be more adventurous and make our own pancakes from scratch…

I also thought it was a good opportunity to take some photos in my boyfriends modern and stylish kitchen. Next time i visit, i plan to bake a nice treat and feature this on my blog!

Hopefully everyone had a fab weekend and did all the things you enjoy! Back to the reality of the working week now!

Jodie x

  • effytalkslife

    Mmm this reminds me of a typical American breakfast. Do you like waffles? Bacon and sweet waffles is really good too!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life / Bloglovin’ xxx