Ruby Sparkle Shellac Nails


Ruby Slipper Shellac Bluesky Nails

Ruby Sparkle Bluesky Shellac Nails

Ruby Sparkle Bluesky Shellac Nails

Ruby Sparkle Bluesky Bottle

I love doing my own gel nails. I know I’m not a qualified nail technician, but i think i am improving every time i do my shellac nails (this is my 4th attempt of doing them). I could not wait to try this new Bluesky shellac colour after using it on my mom’s nails a week or so ago.

The colour is a beautiful metallic red named ‘Ruby Sparkle’ (code number: 80509) and is a part of the Bluesky classic collection. I purchased the shellac polish on ebay, but amazon also sells it too. Deep reds and metallics are very on trend for AW14 nail fashion and i just fell in love with this gorgeous shade. The metallic texture really makes the nail appear more glossy and luxurious. For added detail, i decided to add a cluster of Swarovski crystal gems around my cuticle on my accent finger. I know from experience that adding gems at a nail salon does not come cheap, so i purchased these iridescent style Swarovski gems on ebay to create an effect that the top nail technicians are currently doing. The gems last a long time and are added by applying the top coat and placing them on the nail, then curing under the light. I did three coats of this gel polish because i quite like the look of a thick application of gel and i wanted to achieve a fully opaque finish. If you haven’t seen my post about how to do your own gel nails at home, please have a read!

I purchased a cute dusky pink bluesky gel which i cannot wait to try for my next manicure, but in the meantime, i sit and stare at my pretty ruby sparkle nails that remind me of Dorothy’s red slippers from the Wizard Of Oz.

Jodie x