Mac Eyebrow Crayon Lingering Review


Mac Eyebrow Crayon Lingering

If you know me well, you know I’m obsessed with trying out different brow products. I’ve tried lots of different styles from pencils, wax and powders and personally what i always go back to is the self sharpened pencil products. I was coming to the end of my Soap and Glory Archery pencil, so i thought i would try something different. I have always been curious to what Mac’s eyebrow crayons are like, so i picked one up costing me £13.50. I guess £13.50 isn’t a bad price for a brow pencil, but i have read other reviews saying it only lasts a couple of weeks, so i will have to wait and see.

Mac Eyebrow Crayon Lingering

I went for the shade lingering which is a mid brown colour – Mac have a wide selection of colours to suit all. What i really like about the pencil is it quite precise when you apply it, allowing you to add shape and colour to your brows with ease. It’s just like a pen and it states on the mac website that it creates its own just-right point which i totally agree with. It’s small and easy to carry around if you ever need a touch up, but to the honest i haven’t needed to when wearing this product. Another bonus is that the pencil is self sharpening and has a twist mechanism to push up more of the pencil. Be careful not to twist too much of the product up because you don’t want to snap off the crayon!

Photo 23-12-2014 15 29 39

I love to keep a natural look to my eyebrows but still add definition and fill in with colour. The left image above shows me without using any brow product and my natural eyebrow shape. The photograph on the right is of me wearing the Mac brow crayon and you can clearly see a more defined and sharper finish to the eyebrows, which i love.

I’m really happy with my purchase of the Mac Eyebrow Crayon in shade lingering as its really easy to apply and use – i think this product has become one of my favourites. If your looking to get a new eyebrow product, i would strongly recommend trying this.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my review on the Mac Eyebrow Crayon. Also this will be my last post of 2014, so i wish all my readers a happy new year and cannot wait to continue my blogging adventure in 2015!

Jodie x