Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar


Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

I couldn’t resist popping into lush on my lunch break after seeing all of the new valentines products in the shop window display. What really caught my eye was the super pretty lush unicorn horn bubble bar; i loved the amazing rainbow colours and cute candy stars. I just had to get one…

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble BarI love the personal service you get in lush, all the staff seem so friendly and are really knowledgable about the items they sell. The valentines products was launched on the day i popped into the Birmingham city centre store. I got shown around and demonstrated to me some of the new products available in the valentines collection.

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Lots of the valentines product was lovely and will soon be mine, but i just had to get my hands on the prettiness of the Lush unicorn horn bubble bar. The price is quite reasonable at £3.25 and is one of the cheaper bubble bars from lush. Apart from its lovely girly appearance, it makes your bath heavenly scented with neroli and lavender essential oils – perfect for relaxing after a long day. From looking at the bubble bar, i got the impression the scent would be very sweet like candy mountain from the christmas range, but its very subtle and light.

Lush Valentines Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

The bubble bar creates lots of long-lasting bubbles and turns your water into a pink/purple colour. Personally i feel it doesn’t give the wow factor when in the water like it does before its been crumbled into the bath, as you think it would make the water all different colours. I would say the bubble bar gives you at least three or even more baths, but it all depends on how much you like you add.

Lush Valentines Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

I’d really love to try all of the lush valentines collection products if i can, just because they are only available for a short amount of time and they all look amazing. Maybe my boyfriend could get me the ‘Lots of Love’ gift set for valentines? (hint, hint).

If you love anything cute, girly and sparkly like me, please try this product and stock up now because its only here for valentines! Until next time…

Jodie x

  • Hannah Court

    Ooh I might have to pick one of these up as it looks so pretty with the little stars and I love lavender scented baths! I didn’t realise that the Lush Valentines collection was already out either!

    Hannah x

    p.s I hope you get treated to the Lots of Love gift set for valentines too 😉