Lush May Day Bath Bomb


Lush May Day Bath Bomb 2015I love trying out new and limited edition lush products and this super cute ‘May Day’ bath bomb really caught my eye. From regularly checking the Lush website for updates, i came across this sweet looking badger bath bomb and had to pop to my local Lush store to purchase it! 

Lush May Day Bath Bomb 2015

If your into fruity and sweet bath bombs, then this is perfect for you. It contains fennel oil to stimulate the skin and rosewood oil to soothe and uplift. When you first smell the Lush May Day bath bomb, theres a burst of sherbet and aniseed fragrance that will leave you feeling calm when bathing.

Lush May Day Bath Bomb 2015

Other than the amazing scent, how cute is this bath bomb? As i said above the May Day bath bomb features a badger face and it also displays a clear message to keep our badgers alive. All the proceeds from the bath bomb (minus the VAT) will go towards the Votes For Animals campaign, find out more about this here.

When placed in the bath it fizzes and dissolves quickly, leaving a gorgeous scent that filled the bathroom that lingered for a long time. The bath bomb is predominately white in colour, so i was not expecting much of a wow factor and it left the water a cloudy white colour. Apart from the lack of excitement from the fizz and colour, May Day is very moisturising and reminded me of Lush’s ‘Butter Ball’ bath bomb (one of my faves). In the middle of the bath bomb there is a little message that says ‘Vote For Animals’ and i thought this was a cute touch.

Lush May Day Bath Bomb 2015

I might have to pick up a few more of these bath bombs before they go again, not only because its a sweet and beautifully scented bath bomb, but because of the great cause it is going to. When you next walk past your local lush store while shopping, why not pop in and pick up one of these?