Lush Hello Gorgeous Gift Box


Lush Hello Gorgeous Gift Box

Hello Gorgeous. Let’s talk about this amazingly girly Lush gift box that i received off my boyfriend for Valentines. I know lush did some lovely sets for valentines, but i am really pleased i received this ‘Hello Gorgeous’ set because it contains products i have been waiting to try for a while now. 

Lush Hello Gorgeous Gift Box

First of all the packaging is gorgeous and is perfect for a gift. I love the floral box which is handy to keep afterwards to store all your Lush items and the ribbon adds extra cuteness. The fragrance coming from the box was beautiful – so sweet and floral.

Lush Hello Gorgeous Contents

The set contains 5 Lush products that i think are an excellent combination. From receiving a Lush gift box it allows you to try a product you would not necessarily purchase yourself. The price of the ‘Hello Gorgeous’ gift set is very reasonable at £22.95 and i think its worth every penny. Above you can see the contents of the box which i will discuss in a little more detail below.

Rub Rub Rub & Gorgeous Face Cream By Lush

Rub Rub Rub
I have never used this product before and it’s not crossed my mind to purchase it either. Rub Rub Rub is an exfoliating shower scrub that can also be used to wash and volumise hair. Sea salt and lemon juice are the main ingredients. It states on the Lush website you can use this scrub either in the shower or before you get in for a really good buff. I’m really looking forward to using this fresh and rejuvenating product.

Gorgeous Face Moisturiser
A 10g trial size of the Gorgeous Face Moisturiser came in the set which i think is great because it brings you to the attention about Lush’s facial skincare. I used this over the weekend at my boyfriends house as i forgot my usual moisturiser and i found it lovely to use – it absorbed into my skin easily and made it feel luxurious. It’s filled with freshly juiced fruits, cold-pressed and organic oils to leave your skin feeling like velvet.

The Comforter Bubble Bar

The Comforter
I’ve been craving The Comforter bubble bar for a little while now and i cannot wait to try this for a comforting soak. Cassis gives a heavenly and distinctive blackcurrant fragrance while bergamot gives an uplifting note. I plan to use this bubble bar for four different baths because it  is quite big, or for an extremely luxurious chill out bath you could use half.

Vanilla Dee-Lite Lush

Vanilla Dee-Lite
A vanilla scented body lotion that is delightfully soothing. It’s very light and fruity and will leave your skin smelling gorgeous all day. The lotion contains cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil and tamanu oil to feed the skin.

Sakura Bath Bomb Lush

Sakura Bath Bomb
Inspired by the Cherry Blossom in Japan, this bath bomb brings a big burst of spring. I have used Sakura before and i find it a very delicate, floral scent. The bath bomb does not turn the water a crazy colour, but smells beautiful and leaves your skin super soft. After using in your bath you are sure to be relaxed and calm.

Lush Hello Gorgeous Gift Set

I’m so pleased with my ‘Hello Gorgeous’ Gift set from my boyfriend and i cannot wait to use all of the products. I think i am most excited to try The Comforter bubble bar because of its bright pink appearance and blackcurrant scent. If you have a female friend or family members birthday coming up, i recommend picking up this for them as i’m sure they would fall in love just as much as i have.

Have you tried any of these products before? If so, what did you think?

Jodie x

  • Lys

    This is a fantastic gift box, I think all of the products in there are things most people would like. Personally I LOVE The Comforter, it’s my favourite bubble bar by Lush!