London Work Trip


Petit Bateau Rail AW15

After taking a long relaxing weekend, Monday was coming but this time i was excited about that. I had planned to go on a trip to London with my work boss to assist on two fashion buying appointments (Petit Bateau and Ralph Lauren). If you do not already know, i’m currently working as a E-commerce photographer for a children’s designer retailer and i thought it would be an excellent opportunity for me to go along and see what happens in the buying process and how collections are chosen.

After a two hour drive to london, lunch was very much needed. We stopped off for a bite to eat at this lovely Persian bistro, ‘Gitane‘ that is situated on Great Titchfield Street. I had never heard of Gitane before, but my boss had visited numerous times.

Gitane Salmon With Salad

At Gitane, each week something new comes to the menu (see menu here). There was a wide variety of salads to choose from to accompany your main dish choice and they all looked so yummy. I went for the Roasted salmon served with fenugreek and tamarind sauce and my salad choice was a beautiful beetroot and baby mixed leaves with cardamom dressing. The dish was amazing – i would say one of the best lunches i have had in a long time.

Gitane London Salad

Gitane Bistro London

The bistro offers a minimal, informal environment to enjoy. I love how they produce creative and diverse food menus, which are nutritious as well as pleasing on the palate.

Gitane Cakes

How yummy do these cakes look? If i get the chance to visit Gitane again i will be definitely having one!

Gitane Front Entrance

Next up was the Petit Bateau appointment which was just around the corner. I was looking forward to seeing the AW15 collection of Petit Bateau as i love the classic and nautical theme they have running throughout their designs and we always have a wide variety of pieces from them.

Petit Bateau Showroom

Petit Bateau Showroom

Petit Bateau was a small showroom, but very cute and filled with lovely AW15 collections. We choose items for the babies, boys and girls. My favourite items to pick was the girls and babies clothing just because i love all the pretty patterns, fabrics and designs. Petit Bateau is known for its classic yellow raincoat and nautical stripe print design and we just had to include these in our AW15 collection.

Petit Bateau AW15

The outfit above is one of my favourite and i think sweetest style for a little girl. I love the red theme running throughout the whole outfit and the different prints and textures work so well together. While choosing the individual items, we had to make sure we choose pieces that could work together as a whole outfit so the customer can have the complete look. The Petit Bateau appointment that lasted a few hours and now it was time to go to the Ralph Lauren Children showroom…

Ralph Lauren Children AW15

When i think of Ralph Lauren, i always think of their iconic knitwear. The children’s AW15 collection displayed a lot of bright and exciting colours and prints, but they still had the classic polo shirts and jumpers.

The Ralph Lauren children’s wear showroom was in the metropolitan hotel located on old park lane. The set-up and design of the showroom was excellent – they definitely displayed the clothing in a visually pleasing way in a relaxed setting.

Girls Ralph Lauren AW15

Like Petit Bateau, we picked the babies, boys and girls collections and made sure we made up outfits and looks as we went along. We picked a variety of cute knitted cardigans, jumpers, dresses and leggings/trousers for the girls and babies. But i felt the boys collection was much stronger in the way it showed more classic pieces such as the polo rugby shirts and sweaters. Some of the items have been inspired and taken from the adults range allowing the little ones to be just as fashionable as the adults!

Boys Ralph Lauren AW15Once we had picked all the pieces it was time to decide quantities of the items and head back home. We left the showroom at around 10.45pm and picked up a takeaway before heading for the motorway. My London work trip was a long day, but it was really fun and very good experience in assisting the process of buying luxury garments.

I hope you all enjoyed my post and have a fab weekend…

Jodie x