Leather Love









After been on holiday for two weeks, a catch up and photo shoot with hannah was much needed! We met up last sunday and went for lunch, took some photographs and window shopped in the beauty section of Selfridges so we knew what we wanted to buy on payday!

I love photographing street fashion photography, it is my most favourite theme and i feel it is my strongest area within fashion photography. Capturing clothing is all good and well, but you need to have somebody who brings individuality and brings the outfit alive to achieve natural and striking images. I have so much fun working with Hannah, we bounce ideas off each other and have a giggle along the way! These images above was taken last sunday and we took them in a side street in Birmingham city centre.

Hannah’s outfit displays a double leather look with a cute and quirky printed top. She also picked up the feather textured scarf before our shoot; i really like how it works so well with the monochrome theme of the outfit and contrasts against the leather fabrics.

If you want to see where all of Hannah’s outfit is from, please check out her blog: www.loveiconfantasyego.com

Looking forward to our next shoot and shopping trip together; Hannah also might be taking some photographs of me for my outfit blog posts!

Jodie x