Goodbye January Blues


Hello February Diary

January has been a long and tiring month, but i am so happy that February is just around the corner. January is one of the most miserable months where you feel sluggish and are watching the pennies until payday after lavish spending in december. I just wanted to do a little post about how i want to banish the tiredness and lack of motivation to make February a positive and productive month. Maybe you too had a touch of the January blues and want to make a change to feel more yourself again, so here are some steps i am planning to take. 

Treat yourself.
First of all i have promised to treat myself and take extra time out to relax. I feel by treating yourself once in a while lifts your mood, self esteem and gives you a little break from reality of everyday life. I guess you could treat yourself in many ways by shopping, going for a nice meal or even having a lovely pamper day. For my little treat, i have booked a day off work to unwind and have a prescriptive facial treatment at a beauty salon, which i am very excited about.

Eat better food.
I know lots of people have been dieting during January and a big well done if you have managed to stick to your plan. I think many people try to loose weight after christmas because your feeling bloated from the lots of food and drink consumed in the festive season. I see dieting as a lifestyle change and what i want to do in February is to make better food choices. I’m going to do this by eating more fruits and vegetables to give my body the nutrients it needs to feel energetic. This last week i have started to snack on fruits and try to drink plenty of water – i feel much better already and have now thought that food is a way of making you feel better as well as improving body shape appearance.

This one comes in hand in hand with eating better food choices because you will feel more alive and active. From eating better, i feel more up for visiting the gym after work. Also exercise will let your body release the chemical called endorphins that provide you to have a positive outlook on life, improves sleep and boosts self esteem. I don’t see the gym as a chore, but somewhere i can escape and i especially enjoy the feeling of achievement afterwards.

Make sure you make time to socialise. It’s always good to relax and have a catch up with friends and have fun. I can be difficult to arrange times and dates depending on job situations, but try to always make the effort to see people who are closest to you.

Be positive.
I know sometimes you can get down about your life achievements or the job you are currently in is not what you had hoped, but always think positive about all the amazing things you have achieved and can achieve for the future. Do not say you will ‘try’ to do a certain thing, but go with the attitude of ‘i will’. I feel from past experience of having a positive approach on a situation, you have a better chance of succeeding and you appear more of a stronger and confident individual.

So from these points above, i hope to achieve a positive and energetic February and also for the rest of the year. Remember that we all have knock backs in life, but with a great strong mind set of wanting to achieve and feel great, we can do anything. If you are going to take a journey to banish the January sluggishness, good luck and i hope my tips help you along the way.

Goodbye January Blues, Hello Fabulous February.

Jodie x