Chop And Wok Cannon Street Birmingham


Chop And Wok Cannon Street Birmingham

Chop and Wok is one of my favourite places to eat. I often grab a wok box with my boyfriend on a friday night and we enjoy it every time. I was thrilled to be invited to the Chop and Wok Cannon Street Birmingham branch to try out some new dishes to feature on my blog. 

Chop And Wok Cannon Street Birmingham

If you haven’t heard of Chop and Wok before, it’s a modern pan-asian wok-based takeaway that offers an Asian fusion menu. The menu has two sections, the ‘Chop’ menu and the ‘Wok’ menu. The ‘Chop’ menu includes a wide range of delicious salads and wraps, while the ‘Wok menu gives you the choice from a range of wok-based noodle and stir fry dishes. To choose your dish, you simple follow the 1, 2, 3 steps that allows you to come up with your desired meal combination.

Chop And Wok Wok Boxes

My closest Chop and Wok store is Shirley, but from working in Birmingham City Centre i have had Chop and Wok numerous times for lunch from the Cannon Street branch – i must say both stores have a high standard and are always consistently great.

Chop And Wok Preparation

Chop And Wok Preparation

When waiting for your food in Chop and Wok, it is cooked in a live ‘food theatre’ where all the food being prepared is visible to the customer. The decor is very colourful and striking, giving the restaurant and takeaway a contemporary look.

Chop And Wok Noodle Boxes

I was kindly allowed to bring a guest with me to try out some new dishes too – i took my boyfriend, James who loves Chop and Wok just as much as me!

I always seem to have the same wok dish that consists of Vermicelli noodles, Chicken and Singapore Plum sauce, so I was excited to see what the chef was going to prepare for us.

Chop And Wok Salmon Strips

The first dish we tried looked amazing – it was Basmati Rice, Salmon strips and Cumin & Coriander sauce. I have never tried the salmon strips before and they was devine with a perfect crisp on the outside. The Cumin & Coriander sauce was very flavourful and gave a fragrant flavour to the dish with a small hint of spice. From having this dish, i am definitely going to be having the salmon strips again very soon! My boyfriend, James took a liking to this dish as he is a big fan of rice based wok dishes.

Chop And Wok Malaysian Spice Soba Noodles

The next dish we tried is now actually one of my favourite combinations! It consisted of Udon Noodles, Duck and Malaysian Spice sauce. The Malaysian Spice did have a little kick, but also had a slight sweetness that complimented the duck lovely. I had never tried Udon noodles before and found them really enjoyable to eat. There was plenty of duck in my wok box; i was pleased because this is one of my favourite meats. I loved this dish so much i just had to eat it all to myself!

Stir fry vegetables (bean sprouts, peppers, onions and coriander) are also included in all wok boxes. If you dislike anything or do not want veg, Chop and Wok are happy to adapt the dish to suit your requirements.

Chop And Wok Medium Noodles With Chicken And Beijing Black Bean

I think the last box we had prepared is a quite traditional wok box combination. The ingredients included Medium noodles, Chicken and Beijing Black Bean sauce. The black bean sauce is a very mild flavour and is something i would try if your not into a bit of spice. The chicken is always perfectly cooked and I also love how you get plenty of sauce with your noodles!

Chop And Wok Side Dishes

As well as the amazing wok boxes, we got to try some of Chop and Wok’s delicious side dishes. Cripsy bread crumbed prawns, thai fishcakes and prawn crackers complimented our wok dishes nicely.

Chop And Wok Side Dishes

I also found out the Birmingham Canon Street branch are planning to add in more lunchtime dishes that you can easily grab and go, just like the London branches offer. I think this would be a great idea and something i would like to try.

Jodie Eating Chop And Wok

I would like to thank Chop and Wok for the amazing experience of asking me to visit the Cannon Street Birmingham branch to try out the beautifully prepared dishes and sides. Myself and James thoroughly enjoyed all of the food and left feeling very full and happy!

Chop And Wok Cannon Street Birmingham

I highly recommend visiting your local branch to get an amazingly tasty dish! If you want to know more information about the menu, or where to find your local branch – take a look at the Chop and Wok website today.

Have you visited a Chop and Wok noodle bar?

Thanks for reading and until next time…

Jodie x