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Goodbye January Blues


Hello February Diary

January has been a long and tiring month, but i am so happy that February is just around the corner. January is one of the most miserable months where you feel sluggish and are watching the pennies until payday after lavish spending in december. I just wanted to do a little post about how i want to banish the tiredness and lack of motivation to make February a positive and productive month. Maybe you too had a touch of the January blues and want to make a change to feel more yourself again, so here are some steps i am planning to take.  Continue reading

London Work Trip


Petit Bateau Rail AW15

After taking a long relaxing weekend, Monday was coming but this time i was excited about that. I had planned to go on a trip to London with my work boss to assist on two fashion buying appointments (Petit Bateau and Ralph Lauren). If you do not already know, i’m currently working as a E-commerce photographer for a children’s designer retailer and i thought it would be an excellent opportunity for me to go along and see what happens in the buying process and how collections are chosen. Continue reading

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar


Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

I couldn’t resist popping into lush on my lunch break after seeing all of the new valentines products in the shop window display. What really caught my eye was the super pretty lush unicorn horn bubble bar; i loved the amazing rainbow colours and cute candy stars. I just had to get one… Continue reading