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Clothes Show Live Birmingham 2014



This is a follow up from my last post about using the Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera at the clothes show live in Birmingham for the day and i thought i would share some more snaps i took and share with you my purchases. As i said before, i had not been to the clothes show for a couple of years and it was really great to go back – It’s made me want to already go again next year!  Continue reading

Olympus Pen E-PL7 Camera


Olympus Pen E-PL7 Camera

I spent last sunday at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham with my friend Hannah and her friend Sam – it was a perfect girly trip. I hadn’t been to the clothes show for a couple of years and i thought it was a must to revisit and catch up on what i have been missing! Hannah got me added onto her press pass as her blog photographer which was great because we got to photograph the catwalk show in the photographer VIP area!  Continue reading

Beautiful Burgundy


Zara Burgundy Jumper

Zara Burgundy Street Fashion

Street Fashion Becky Portrait

Burgundy Zara Jumper Detail

Becky Chanel Lips Detail

Becky Street Fashion Portrait

Burgundy Zara Jumper

Hello everyone, i would first like to say i have been absolutely rubbish at writing blog posts at the moment as i have been so busy! I have so much content to share with you guys and i promise i will be trying my most hardest to put it all onto my blog! l Also kinda took a little break from social media last week by not posting as much as usual on Instagram – i think people was wondering where i was!  Continue reading